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O'Brien Hi-Fi (Raynes Park, Surrey)

I found this shop 6 1/2 years back and ended up buying a decent little system from them and I have upgraded over the years.

Time and again I have found them helpful, polite, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, caring, genuine ....... a pleasure to deal with and even my wife has mentioned it, unprompted ....... it's a low-key approach, but certainly makes for a comfortable experience.

There is NEVER any sales pressure - it's always about the music and what you hear - if it impresses you, then buy it!

Needless to say - I have done in the past .... and despite doing the rounds recently to try various options for upgrade, it looks as if I will stay with them. Quite simply they have the kit that works together, at least for my ears - and although I have found some other kit elsewhere that impressed me in some ways, I've not found the synergy as a whole - which is, I guess, why I keep returning.

I've had both shop demo and home demo to finalise my decisions when required - invaluable.

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Re: O'Brien Hi-Fi (Raynes Park, Surrey)

I have mentioned them myself in the past, and have dealt with them since the mid-late 90's (I once lived just over the road) - they are really really great people.

My current hi-fi set up is all from O'Brien's and the next one (once this bl**dy recession is well and truly over) will be too. Can't recommend them highly enough.

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Re: O'Brien Hi-Fi (Raynes Park, Surrey)

A few years ago, I contacted them because they were (at the time) listed as Exposure dealers. When phoned them they said that they didn't stock Exposure 2010s, but could source one.

Couple of weeks later, I spoke to Exposure themselves and they stated that O'Brien's hadn't dealt with them for some time due to unspecified reasons. This left me a little suspicious of this outlet. I don't doubt they are helpful, but due to my personal experience I'd be hard pushed to contact them again..... 

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RE: Re: O'Brien Hi-Fi (Raynes Park, Surrey)

With esoteric up to date equpment, little to no sales pressure, highly knowledgable staff, and excellent demonstration facilities, it has been a pleasure to have dealt with this excellent trustworthy retailer for nearly 30 years. The original owner, Michael O'Brien ( who also owned Rogers the hi fi company ) has now retired, and his son has taken over very successfully. My most recent setup, which I purchased from them over several years ( the record deck remains from a previous system ) includes the Linn record deck, Moon Cd deck, Moon amplification, Martin Logan speakers, and Sonos digital streaming. I cannot recommend this retailer highly enough. In my professional life I also teach and write in my own recording studio, am not affiliated with O'brien hi fi in any way, but wanted to write this to say a BIG 'Thank You'! to all the staff there. 10/10 from this grateful reviewer.

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