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Cheapest way to get FLAC? , my household uses iOS, Android and PC...

Hi, I am new to the Hi-Fi world. With a new NAD amplifier and all..


I want tips to what software and apps you would recommend for getting a good and not too expensive way to play FLAC-files on all the units in my household.

We have iOS (iPhone 4s), Android (HTC One X) and a laptop.


(At first I am thinking of a solution to have the music on each of the three units, and play it on them locally (headphones on the mobile phones).




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RE: Cheapest way to get FLAC?

Install a free UPNP/DLNA media server on your laptop (eg XBMC, Serviio). Add your music/videos to the library.

Install a UPNP/DLNA client on your android/iphone. (Good examples on android are BubbleUPNP, 2Player, UpnPlay etc)


You basically select the source to be any DLNA source, and the target device to be any DLNA device (eg. suitable phone,amp,tv,blu-ray etc), and

select your music from the usual artist/album/folder selections you see on any music app, making your phone act as the remote control.

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