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sonos sub, worth it??

I currently have a pair of play 5's (set as a strereo pair) in the living room and one play 3 upstairs. Most of my listening is done from napster and my old cd's stored on the imac.now was looking at adding the sonos sub but at £600 it looks a bit rich just wondering is this my only option and if so is it £600 good?

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RE: sonos sub, worth it??

There's definitely better subs out there for £600, but connectivity will be your issue.

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RE: sonos sub, worth it??

I have 2 Play:3 in my living room (23' x 18') and a sub - it sounds great with the sub.  When I popped into Sevenoaks HiFi to get a demo with my wife, she asked for Adele to be played and with the sub it really came out.  With some music such as classical or punk, my opinion is that it's less beneficial. 

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RE: sonos sub, worth it??

Play:5 has a subwoofer out, so if you're not bothered about wireless, there are better subs for the money.

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