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Denon CEOL (RCDN-7) firmware issue

Hi all just a bit of info for anybody having firmware update issues with the CEOL.
After months of deliberation as the whether to buy a DENON CEOL, because of uncertainty about MP3 player compatability through the USB port, ( a demo model at Richer Sounds failed to recognise my Sony NWZ-X1060) i finally bought one at the beginning of September (2012).
To my relief "out of the Box" the DENON CEOL had no problems connecting with my Sony and playing music files and to my surprise i could control the Sony with the DENON remote.
That was until a week ago after a firmware update the CEOL would play half a track from my Sony then crash. It would then take five minutes of disconnecting and reconnecting my Sony mp3 player for the CEOL to recognise the Sony only to crash again.

Initial advice from Denon was to do a factory reset, this doesn't remove the firmware update just reboots the drivers, an e-mail was sent with instructions on how to do this (instructions that are actually in the manual). NO JOY the CEOL still would not recognise my Sony after the reset.

One snotty e-mail to Denon and they have come up trumps. Yesterday i received in the post a letter containing an "initialization disc" and a set of instructions on how to load the disc (a key combination not in the manual) BINGO my CEOL is again reading and playing music from my Sony and i can control it with the DENON remote.

Hope this tale is of use to any body with a RCDN-7 suffering from firmware update issues and i hope you haven't lost the will to live reading it.

A big thank you to Mr Jonathan Mcfarland Product Support Advisor D&M Audiovisual Ltd Belfast for the advice and disc that recovered my RCDN-7