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Matching receivers and speaker systems

I am trying to put together a home theatre.  The system is being set up in my library room which has a very high ceiling and is not closed on all sides as it has an open access to the staircase room.  The size of the room is 20 ft (L) X 13 ft (W) X 15 ft (H). For avoiding glare from windows on the plasma screen, I am forced to use the width as the viewing direction/distance.

As a first step, I have bought Pioneer PDP 600M as the display.  Now I am trying to system match receiver and speakers.  Unfortunately, I am unable to find a single dealer where I am able to compare and match the various components that  I had liked in different dealers.  Hence, let me put down a list of components that I have liked in various auditions:

Speaker packages:  Dali Ikon 6,  Jamo C809, B&W 683s and CM7, MA Silver RX6

Receivers: Pioneer SC-LX 82 & LX 90, Denon 4310, 4810 & AVC-A1HDA

BDP:  Sony or Pioneer BDP.

Have anybody been able to listen to various combinations to give opinions on matched systems?  What are the views of What HI-FI editors/reviewers? Would you suggest that I look at something else other than those listed above. 

Let us assume, within this range, price of any combination is OK.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Matching receivers and speaker systems

Because of how god those amplifiers are, any of them will drive any of those packages with ease. If I was to match them up, I'd say the Denons with the Dali and Jamo, and the Pioneers with the B&W and Monitor Audio. Because of Pioneer's extremely useful X-Curve feature, it can easily be matched with speakers of any tonal balance.

If you're going to try out the SCLX90 and AVCA1HDA, you should also look at the Yamaha DSPZ11. For home cinema use, I'd also consider KEF's XQ range.

Ultimately, only you can decide what you prefer the sound of.


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Re: Matching receivers and speaker systems

I would keep everything as close to Pioneer if i was you as you have just bought a great Pioneer tv. So i would choose the Monitor Audio Silver RX6 as your speakers as i have heard these, they are brilliant. For your receiver, i would go for the Pioneer but it's one of those choices that you need to match the the right blu ray player too, so if you go for the SC-LX90 amp then you need to match it with the BDP-LX91 blu ray player. If you go for the SC-LX82 amp then match it with the BDP-LX91 again or the BDP-LX52. The Pioneer equipment would compliment your Kuro tv aswell as you can use the Kuro link more effictively too.



Regards> M

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Re: Matching receivers and speaker systems

Purely from reading various reviews, I was coming to a conclusion that Denons may suit MA RX6 or Dali Ikon 6 as Denons slightly warm midrange may complement the speakers'  characteristics. Similarly, the Pioneers' sparkly characteristics may suit Jamo's sedate sound.  Any views?

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