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MA RXFX problem



I am going to buy the RX6 AV12 package which includes the RXFX

However I just realised something.

Since the RXFX will be put up against a wall, how will the cables to them be connected?


The problem is that our walls are stone walls and not wood or any other type. In fact I cannot hide wires away!

This is a really stupid question, but I have no idea how the cables need to be connected since the connection panel is at the back and the back will be against a wall!


Thanks for any help

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RE: MA RXFX problem

Hi abriffa,

The connection terminals on the RXFX are set into the back of the speaker a bit so that there's space for the cable. It's not a lot so it won't accomodate banana plugs but we use speaker pins on the cable in our demo room. Are you saying that you'll have to run the cable up the wall instead of chasing it into the wall somehow? There's some pretty compact trucking available on the market from the likes of D-Line if that's required. If you're chasing the cable into the wall you can plan it's location using the template supplied with your speakers which is also downloadable via Monitor Audios website if you've not purchased them yet:


I can post a picture of the back of ours from the demo room if that's of help to you..?

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RE: MA RXFX problem



Yes, you are correct, the wire won't go in the wall!


I was thinking of getting Van DAmme Blue 2x 2.5 but I don't know how they're going to fit from underneath to go to the connections!


A picture would help if it's not a problem.



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