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RE: What Amps have you had?

Pioneer SA 500 A  (SS)

Sony TA 3650  (SS)

Harman Kardon 665 VXi  (SS)

Audio Innovations Classic 25  (Tube)

Cayin A 55 T  (Tube)

Artephonos Energa  (Tube, december 2012)


Altogether 40 years of amps!

Airport Express (source), Artephonos Energa (tube-power-amp), Peitho 303 (open baffle speakers). Enjoy the music!

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RE: What Amps have you had?

More embarrassing confessions. 

NAD 3020 (I set off in a promising direction)

Marantz PM42 (took a bit of a wrong turn)

Arcam Alpha One (and another)

Arcam Alpha 5 (exploded)

Arcam A65 plus (enough brand loyalty already!)

Cyrus X Power (enjoyed it for a while; going to flog it next year and get something more interesting)

Musical Fidelity M-PWR (in the dining room)

Devialet 170 (in the post)

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RE: What Amps have you had?


A and R cambridge A60  - a brilliant introduction to hi fi amplification - euphonic with a capital U

Mission Cyrus 2 - very explicit - too explicit for long term listening (and short term)  - gave to daughter years later. She shorted the speaker terminals. Still got it.- bust!

Children youngish teens approx  - back into hi fi with

Pioneer A400 - a pre owned gem! - something so right about it - hardens up at higher volumes tho

Rega Brio 3 - another pre owned gem - swap between this and pioneer

Cambridge 840A v2 -  clear,spacious, transparent, very detailed and very POWERFUL. It has tone controls which are not used as the amp sounds obviously better with tone defeat.

all this from 1976 to present date


cheers Tonky




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RE: What Amps have you had?

In no particular order:


RA930AX (twice)*, RA931mk2, RA935BX*, RA971mk2, RC970/RB981, RA02/RB03*

Roksan Kandy KA-1 mk3 and KMA-2/3 power amp

NAD C350 and C270 power amp

Marantz 1970s huge receiver thing

Myryad Z140

Pioneer A400*

* = still got. 


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RE: What Amps have you had?

Musical Fidelity A1

Alchemist Kraken

Audiolab 8000P (using Audio Alchemy DDE V.3 as a pre Amp)

Unison Research Preludio

Unison Research S8 - (current)

Mac Mini. Audirvana Plus. Uptone Audio USB Regen. Devialet 200. Chord Qute. Unison Research  S8. Focal Electra 1008Be. Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M. Atlas Cables.

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RE: In rough order:Sansui

matthewpiano wrote:

Erm.....  I'm not playing anymore. :oops:

Ahh go on, go on, go on.......go on, go on, go on, go on.........go on, go on............... :grin:

"We should no more let numbers define audio quality than we should let chemical analysis be the arbiter of fine wines."  Nelson Pass

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RE: In rough order:Sansui

This is more or less the chronological order

Denon PMA-510AE

Several AVRs (Most of the Denon, Marantz, Onkyo range in 2011/12. Some odd Yamaha and Arcam)

Audiolab 8000

Rotel RB/RMB range with the protruding fins (I guess 1075 - multi and a 2 channel one)

Marantz PM-7003

Marantz PM-11S1

Parasound A51 X 2 in Mono mode

Pathos Inpol2

Astin Trew AT 5000 X 2

Arcam P-7 (multi Channel)

Marantz Pearl 

Classe CAP 2100

Classe CA 2100

Harman Kardon HK990

Marantz Pearl Lite

Jolida JD1501 BRC

Just about the press "Save" I remembered the HK990 (and so added it back) which is the most VFM in the entire list. 


| Devialet Silver Phantom X 2 | Dialogue |

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Oh dear, a very unimpressive

Oh dear, a very unimpressive list here:

Akai AMU3
Arcam Alpha 2
Audiolab 8000A

and that's it!!

Batten down the hatches, there's a storm coming.

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RE: Oh dear, a very unimpressive

Tell you what, I'll go with edited highlights!


Sansui AU2200

Rotel RA920AX

Arcam A65+

Pioneer SA-508

Arcam A70

Naim Nait 3

Cambridge Audio 740A

Pioneer A400

Denon PMA1500AE  (always regretted selling this one)

Sansui AU-4400

Cambridge Audio 650A

Yamaha A-S500

Marantz PM6003


Arcam A18

Rotel RA-04SE


Denon PMA720AE  (current amp, had it for about a year now)


In reality there have been quite a few more, but these have been the main ones.



Overall I'd say the best ones have been the Denon PMA1500AE, Pioneer A400, Cambridge Audio 740A and my current PMA720AE.
The worst, without doubt, was the Arcam A70. Horrible thing.

Pro-ject Genie 3/Ortofon 2M Red, Rotel RA-01, Onkyo CD, Dynaudio DM2/6





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RE: What Amps have you had?

IN 1972 I bought an Amstrad, rubbish but all I could afford.

Then I had a Rogers Ravensbrook.

NAD 3030

Arcam Alpha 3 


Listen to the music, not the hifi.

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Just one amp: Cambridge Audio

Just one amp:

Cambridge Audio A3i (for the last 16 years)

But it died the other day :cry:

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Sanyo music centre Amstrad

Sanyo music centre :shifty:
Amstrad 1C2000 ( well it looked like an amp :shhh: :shhh: )
Sony integrated , can't remember model
Nad 3020
Nytech CTA252 XD receiver
Meridian 101 / 105 pre / powers ( sounded better when using the Nytech as a pre amp though :O )
Mission 776 / 777 pre / power amps . ( Original black models ,Still own )
Mission 777 BU power amp ( Still own )
Audiolab 8000Q pre amp ( original one )
Cyrus 3 integrated .
Cyrus power amp with PSX
Michell iso / hera ( still own )
EAR 834P ( still own )
Rotel RA930 BX ( still own )
Primare A30.1 integrated
Electrocompaniet EC4.7 pre amp ( still own )
Electrocompaniet AW120 DMB power amp ( still own )
Poppulse T150 Tripath 2022 integrated . ( still own )

 Electrocompaniet EMC 1 UP ,  Cambridge Audio id 100 i pad dock, ipad with Spotify premium, Monarchy Audio DIP, Electrocompaniet ECD 1 dac , EC4.8 preamp , 2x AW180 monoblock power amps , PMC PB1i speakers . Thousands of Cd's .

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RE: What Amps have you had?

too many models to remember specific models but 70s amps from technics sony pioneer and jvc (jas71 awsome) pioneer 70s monster receievrs sx1050 and the mighty sx1980 ( the best i ever had but too expensive to repair ) marantz amps of the 90s (very good) technics 90s prepower combos sea 1000 and 2000 (wish i,d kept the 2000) audio lab 8000 monos (hated em)

marantz cr603 ( cheap cheerful and blooming marvellous)

TECHNICS SL1200MK2 ROKSAN KANDY BT amp and CD player Q ACOUSTIC CONCEPT 40 AUDIOQUEST FLX/SLIP 14/4  musical fidelity mf100

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First amp was an old Memorex

First amp was an old Memorex amp. Given to me by an uncle.
Then an old technics amp which I still have. Its from the early 90's I think.
Entry level denon bought as a second system in about 2005. Still have but no space to use at the moment.
Sony STR DA1200ES.
Sony STR DA5300ES will be getting set up this afternoon Smile
Sony STR DA5400ES as soon as its cheap enough.
then who knows.

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RE: Sanyo music centre Amstrad

Electro wrote:

Mission 776 / 777 pre / power amps . ( Original black models ,Still own )

Would they be the ones with cast MISSION cases designed by Stan Curtis ?


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