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Quad 22L2

Hello all


I am looking to buy some Quad 22L2 floorstanders but am having a hard time finding many reviews for them.  Does anyone here have them and what are your thoughts / experiences with them?  I understand they need a long running in time, is this true?





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Re: Quad 22L2

We've tested the 9, 11 and 12L2s - all of which got 4 stars - but not yet the 22L2s.

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Re: Quad 22L2

If someone was shopping around for Quad speakers (electrostatics not included), would you recommend the original 11L's for instance over their successors? They were incredibly well rated five years or so back and won the speaker award two or three years running if I recall rightly.

Find a used pair of these in good condition and they'd be worthy of some serious consideration IMO.

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Re: Quad 22L2

And therein lies the rub...

I have got the original 11Ls and they are great.  But now I am looking to put these as my rear speakers and put 22L2s as main front / stereo pair.  As I also have an L series Centre I don't have a lot of choice on my front pair.  Plus on top of this, I can get the 22L2s for £500...

Hence the request for as much info as possible.

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Re: Quad 22L2

I had a listen the other day and was very impressed. Read one online review that complained about lack of bass - don't know what the reviewer was on about. Thumping bass and a melodious, liquid midrange. Accurate treble too, I thought.

I'm about to buy.

£500? Where from?

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Re: Quad 22L2

That price is a giveaway!

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Re: Quad 22L2

£500 where where where?????

Also im sure if these where to be a 4 star speaker at the rrp of £900 ish they got a dead cert for 5 stars at £500

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Re: Quad 22L2

lol 4 that i'd have a pair

have seen the 21l2s 4 that money but not their bigger brothers

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