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RE: Johnny Marr - Vinyl or CD

rjb70stoke wrote:


Im with you about the album. Not a great but Im loving the New Order feel to many of the tracks.

Having read what I presume to be your conversation on Amazon, Ive gone ahead and ordered the vinyl. Lets just hope that Stacy hasnt let us down, with her comments.


yep hopefuly it will be here tomorrow!


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RE: Johnny Marr - Vinyl or CD

I have just seen that HD tracks have release this cd, maybe worth looking as only $18.

Listen to the music, not the hifi.

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RE: Johnny Marr - Vinyl or CD


Whats your verdict on the vinyl? 

Have to say I think it sounds a little on the dull side. Still much better than the Spotify compressed version, better seperation and much better sounding guitars etc. 

Still loving the album, but the new Stereophonics outing has trumped it for me. Another vinyl purchase!, This "new" hobby is costing me a packet!!


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