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Dirt cheap budget setup Help


    Hi-Fi newbie here. Wanting to dibble dabble with a component stereo setup. This will be my first ever and so looking for something cheap. I would like a 3 way floor stander and an amp to match. I listen to various kinds of music but most of it is contemporary and bass-y. I have done a bit of rummaging and these are some components i have come up with-

 Wharfedale Diamonds 8.4
 Yamaha NS-515F
 Monitor Audio BR-5
 Polk Audio Monitor 60


 Yamaha ax 596
 Cambridge Audio Azur 640A
 Marantz SR4021
 NAD C 320BEE / C352

 Any suggestions with the above mentioned list or if you can add some more....will be much appreciated. I understand that i should audition anything before I buy but want to hear from experts what they have to say abt these choices and help me choose the right system.

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Re: Dirt cheap budget setup Help

If you want maximum clout for not much money, I'd go for the BR5s with something like this, or any of the other Audiolabs currently for sale secondhand on fleabay. 

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