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clare newsome

Please could you give me advice on my post 7 jan new cd and speakers?

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Re: clare newsome

She's kind of busy at the CES show I think.

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Re: clare newsome

Hi there

Clare's at CES in Las Vegas at the moment, so I'm replying on her behalf. Both the Roksan amp and Apollo CD player are excellent, but I'd go for the Monitor Audio RS6 speakers rather than the KEFs. I know they're a bit more expensive, but they're excellent all-rounders with strong dynamics, speed and resolution.

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Re: clare newsome

According to forum's status, this is the most views thread today!!!! something wrong somewhere Andrew?

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Re: clare newsome

It's probably my mum doing Google searches again Wink

Thanks for answering the query Andy - and apologies it didn't get answered first-time around. We'll be expanding the team very shortly so we can be here, there and everywhere.

Anyhow, i'm back in the UK now. My luggage isn't, but I am - more CES reports etc to come over next few days....

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Re: clare newsome

A thread title can make all the difference, everyone is probably popping on expecting to see "has lost all her luggage and is now going to write the CES report from memory" Smile

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