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Anyone heard Magnat Vector 6 Speakers

I found a set of floorstanding 4 way speakers in the local paper they are called Magnat Vector 6, they are about 20years old according to the owner. I bought them and hooked them up to my Rotel system and they sound very nice,I have ordered some foam to redo the surrounds on the midrange driver other than that they look ok for such an old speaker. I can't find any info about Magnat speakers let alone the Vector range, if anyone can give me any info I would appreciate it

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Re: Anyone heard Magnat Vector 6 Speakers

By all accounts they are a German company based in Berlin and they do have a website.

You could contact them if you have no joy here.

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Re: Anyone heard Magnat Vector 6 Speakers

Thx I thought they were German ,I guess the main thing they sound great

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