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'Sound-Proof' Headphones advice please


Some advice/opinions appreciated please. I'm currently using a pair of Sennheiser HD270 headphones and they need replacing. I've had them around 15 years and no real complaints. These are purely for home listening so my main criteria are no sound leakage (so I don't disrupt the Mrs watching Corrie/Bake Off etc) and the ability to keep out ambient noise (eg Corrie/Bake Off/Daughter etc). I don't like the ear plug types so am probably still looking at a closed style.

Budget..?? Well, under £100 would be nice but when I posted this on the main forum in error, someone kindly replied and recommended the AKG K551 which are around £130 so I could probably live with that.. Any thoughts out there….. hello or goodbyeThanking you Cool

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RE: 'Sound-Proof' Headphones advice please

Yes, you must go for closed back over-ear headphone (You can get open back or semi-open back too, and some that sit on the ear rather than over it). This shouldn't leak sound.


The Audio-Technica ATH-WS55 is very highly rated and well within your budget.


Or perhaps even a Sennheiser RS120 mk2, these are wireless and can be purchased for under £100. Rechageable batteries too. Means you can make a cup of tea without worrying.





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RE: 'Sound-Proof' Headphones advice please
WeSC Chambers by RZA Premium. They have active noise cancellation if required, but I find this unnecessary. No leakage and superb sound. Hope this helps.
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