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Repairing headphones?

AS an offshoot to my main system I run a pair of Sennheiser Ovation 565's through a Musical Fidelity XcanV2, I love the clinical, crisp sound without an overpowering bass that it gives. My problem though is the right headphone is loose from where it hangs. So when listening it annoyingly slips down. The only remedy ive found is a bit of scotch tape, however I was wondering if anyone knows of a place/person that could manufacture a custom designed 'frame' that  is more robust to hang the phones from?

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Re: Repairing headphones?

Hi Pussycat. I googled to see what your Senns look like and found that someone is selling a mint one on ebay. It may be cheaper going second hand than trying to fix them. As for fixing them, I googled 'sennheiser repair uk' and found loads including this site


and Sennheiser themselves offer out of warranty work. Please let us know how you get on.


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Re: Repairing headphones?

cheers I shall check these things out!


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RE: Repairing headphones?

Hey, did you ever get them repaired? Every pair of headphones I own seem to break within a few months.


I'm sending mine off tomorrow to www.fixheadphones.co.uk because they were cheaper.


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