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May have just found my next Custom / universal IEM's - Heir Audio

Have been looking around and contemplating a new pair of IEM's and whether it would be worth the money going for full custom or custom sleeves.

Having read numerous articles and reviews I think I may have found what I am looking for.

Heir Audio are a fairly new player in the Custom IEM market place, an American Company who make both Custom IEM's and also a Universal model of two of their Customs.


The Heir Audio 3.Ai and 4.Ai

The 3 consists of 3 precision tuned Balanced armature drivers (1 each for low, mid and high frequencies) and the 4 consists of, yes you've guessed, 4 balanced armature drivers (2 for low Frequencies and 1 each for mid and high frequencies).

Both have removable cables for easy replacement / upgrade and have real wood face plates (Amboyna Burl)


The 3.Ai with it's single large bass driver delivers a warm "fun" sound signature with great entertaining low sub lows, and nice clean highs.

The 4.Ai, offers a clean neutral sound signature that should satisfy those that listen to classical, jazz, and acoustic or those that demand accuracy and clarity. Hear every breath, every turn of the page, even the “tic” of a metronome. “If it’s in the music, it’s in the music.

Dalethorn, I believe you are in the US, have you ever come across these at all?