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Graham Slee Solo + HD650s to PC

I'm looking at buying the hd650s and GS solo

Is it possible to connect the solo to my PC or TV from the wires  that come with solo intro package? And just play my music from the pc?

Any help will be appreciated,


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Re: Graham Slee Solo + HD650s to PC

Hi magictoaster.

you could do this very simply with a line out cable from the pc that splits to a right and left RCA connectors that would then connect to one of the RCA inputs on the Solo.

This would probably not give sound quality befitting the Solo headphone amp and your headphones which are high quality.

You would, I think, benefit from using a DAC connected via optical cable to your PC (assuming your pc has optical out) or failing that a USB connected to the DAC. Then from DAC to Solo via Rt and Lt interconnects. Will add extra cost unfrotunately (range from less than £200 to stupid ammounts)

I have a simliar set up to you with CA DACMagic (approx £220). Sounds great. Good luck


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Re: Graham Slee Solo + HD650s to PC

Spot on - the DAC route should offer much better sound as suggested considering DACs in most sound cards can't compete with a high quality alternative - the Musical Fidelity VDAC is a relatively inexpensive option that should yield a good result with the Solo/HD650 package.

If buying a DAC as well pushes your budget above what you intended to spend, you could buy the DAC with the Solo Intro with HD650, rather than Solo SRG with HD650 as the main difference is the power supply (the actual unit is the same) which can be purchased separately and added to the Solo Intro later for SRG II spec.

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Re: Graham Slee Solo + HD650s to PC

Thanks for the replies guys!

My budget does seem to be ever expanding as I was originally just going to buy the HD650s and then I was told I need a good amp to drive them. And now it seems I need a DAC  Wink

Would the Pro-Ject DAC Box USB be suitable and offer good sound? Or is it too cheap and basically useless? I guess I could push my new DAC budget to about £200 Stick out tongue


- edit**

Somehow missed the part you mentioned about Fidelity VDAC, I guess that will be the one I will get, not a bad price aswell!

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