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Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Review

Here's my take on the hard hitting German beast Wink


Headphones these days just seem to get more and more expensive! You often find once in a while a headphone that punches about it's weight i.e HM5, Shure SRH 440 and Skull candy aviator. Now these are all fantastic but for me they all lacked some things like refinement, Musical sound and a large soundstage that you find in more higher end models. 


Do I  think this headphone is a giant killer?


Let's find out.




Build & Design


Now when you receive these, you get a printed cardboard box with the headphones and a quarter inch adaptor. That's it! The cable isn't detachable but it's a high  quality cable that can take a pounding. The headband is better with a strap like covering that can be replaced that is made out of a soft plastic material. It just basically has buttons that snap into place and you can also get different colours to customize them a little bit. 

The extenders are metal which are held into place by some very thick plastic. The cups themselves are a very thick durable plastic completed with some nice soft velour pads! 

The pads are very deep and specious and cover your ears just fine. These are actually very comfy and can be worn for long periods of time. The clamp is light to moderate on my head and the plastic strap makes a very comfy headphone up top for long sessions. 

These are extremely rugged and durable and  I doubt there is a headphone alive that can take as much abuse as these. The closet would be the M100 and it's a tie between those two. I would say the Beyer would be better in the long run since ALL PARTS ARE REPLACEABLE!! these are build for life.




The most important part! These are one of the best closed headphones ever made!

The first thing you will notice is the soundstage! it's hugeeee. I'm a gamer and I put my headphones through a lot of test and as a soundstage nut it's very important to me.  The stage is wide and deep and is excellent and with some of the best positional accuracy out of all the headphones  I've tried including detail machines like the SRH 940. 


The stage size is comparable to the old Denon  series D2K-D7K.

For gaming plugged straight into a Dolby amp they really expand and show how diverse they are in this area.

The next thing you will notice is the Bass! it's juicy and exciting and has a full bodied low end without much bleed into the mid range. Some overly bass heavy tracks can make the bass sound a bit loose sometimes. 

The mid range is very detailed. It is a tad behind the bass and treble but not at all recessed. They have a Syrupy kind of sound it's very hard to put a finger on it but they are great here.

The treble is sparkly, lively. It can be bright but not too much, again similar to the old Denon series. The sound overall is pleasing and versatile. You can listen to classical al the way to metal. 


This is a great headphone and for as little as £110-£130 it's a bargain. It's one of my fav phones of all time. It's just a joy to listen to and if you are a gamer you will have one of the best headphones for gaming in any price range. I REALLY  can't recommend it enough!


Vs other mid Fi phones


Vs  AKG K550

The DT770 has a wider soundstage and better positional accuracy then the K550.  The K550 though where it's a thin sounding headphone has this perception of a quite wide stage but when you have been doing this as long as I have and running gaming test etc you will find it's about normal for a closed headphone. The DT770 is fuller, more musical and more durable then the K550.

The K550 is probably favourable in the detail department but that's because it's lean and thin and we are talking a tiny bit more detail which is not even noticeable at times.


Vs Denon D600

These match up quite close actually. The Denon is a bit more detailed with a stronger bass and treble. The DT770 has a wider soundstage and better separation and positional accuracy and a bit more forward mids. Both are very close but the Denon just is a bit more refined. It's a close call that's for sure! it is also incredible how a £130 phone can knock about with a £200 heavy hitter like the Denon. 



Hope you enjoyed this review


Take care,