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Foxsat HDR Issue

I recently moved and thought I should update the postcode on the box for the EPG, however now it refuses to record two programs it always has at the same time.

I have done a factory reset and even put the postcode back to how it was before, but now when set to record the regional news at lunchtime you can see in the EPG the series record indicator on BBC1 for the South West but also the series record indicator is showing on channel 951?? which I guess is just the BBC regional code so it will no longer record a well known soap on 5 it just throws up an alternative transmission time for the program on 5.

I have rescanned the feeds and both show good signal strength so I also now it is not because it thinks there is only one feed, and there is no problem with any of the other recordings during the week which record at the same time.

Any ideas??