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UK internet radio portal

I remember reading on Pocket Lint's website some time ago that the BBC were about to instigate a nationwide internet radio portal for access to 'over 500' radio stations available in the UK and Europe from the one website.  The BBC were apparently 'worried' that only 2% of the population are listening to radio through the internet.  Pocket Lint said that this portal should be up and running in 2010.

First, I have to say that I am amazed that only 2% of the population listens to radio over the web.  What with the obsession of Hi-Fi [ers] with getting the best kit and sound possible, I would have thought that the quality of sound of radio over the web was a bit of a no-brainer compared to getting the feed from DAB or FM.  I bought a cheapo netbook and run the radio off it through my amp and it sounds so much better than anything my tuner can generate.  I have found DAB especially disappointing with regard to sound quality, although my set-up works perfectly with 100% reception run through an outdoor aerial on the roof.  DAB always sounds harsh to me, no matter how I filter it at my end.  Had I caught onto internet radio earlier, I would not have bothered to purchase a tuner at all.  The only 'problem' I have is finding a way to liberate my 'radio computer' from my amp with wireless.   

Has anyone heard anything more about this BBC radio portal?  I have searched around a bit but it isn't getting much publicity and it would seem that the BBC aren't pushing it hard, at least compared to the incessant campaign to have everyone in the country buy a lousy little DAB radio.  Looking to the future, it seems to me that internet radio will only get better in terms of sound quality, music on demand, and all sorts of features available on an ever expanding platform.  Where is DAB going?