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DAB+ vs. internet radio?

Hi there,


My stereo consisting of a second hand JVC receiver, a Pioneer dvd player and a set of killer KEF speakers needs replacing. I am not able to connect my iPod nor my laptop to the stereo and the sound quality is detereorating.

What I should like to replace it with is a stereo (not neccessarily surround) on which I can: play dvds, play cds, listen to the radio and to the music on my iPod and perhaps also my laptop.

Now, there are two challenges: first;I am on a budget, I can't afford more than £ 600 (excl. speakers, since I'm fine with the ones I've got, I've checked them and they are not the cause of the poor sound quality), second; I don't know whether DAB+ has a long future ahead or if it's another "minidisc".

So, in short, my question is, is DAB+ the future or is there some better solution as to having the variety of DAB/internet radio, and, if so which stereo should I get?

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Re: DAB+ vs. internet radio?

I would get an airport express so that your computer (assuming it is wireless) can pump your CD collection (ripped to it) and internet radio to the rest of your system. I think they are brilliant.

As for the system, I guess it is question of components (I'd suggest amplifier and DVD player) v. an all-in-one system. Much will depend on the listening area - bedroom v. small lounge v. large lounge - and also on your preference for small, discreet and simple, v. components.

I think if I was setting up my lounge again (3m x 5m) I'd probably go for an all-in-one system as opposed to components.

With a budget of £600 you could:

spend £100 on the airport express and a decent interconnect; and
spend £79 on the Toshiba DVD player recommended by What HiFi in the Best Buy;
blow £300 on a pretty good stereo amplifier

Just a thought.

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