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Cambridge Audio DAB300 has died

Hi guys


My CA DAB300, which has shown a number of years of faithful service, is unwell. When plugging it in to the mains, all it does is switch itself on and off approximately once a second.

I have tried resetting the unit (as per the instructions on the CA website), but to no avail.

Does anyone have any idea how much it might cost to get it repaired, and therefore, whether it's worth it? Otherwise I'll just go out and get one of those Denon TU1800s. Don't really want to fork out £170 if I don't have to!



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Re: Cambridge Audio DAB300 has died

As your 300 has given you faithful service for a number of years, may I suggest that you bit the bullet and invest in the CA DAB500.  I have had this tuner ever since CA brought it out and has worked perfectly from day one. You might find that the cost of repair is more expensive than a new tuner. 

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Re: Cambridge Audio DAB300 has died

My father has a load of hi-fi equipment from the 70s, it all works fine!


Everything I've bought lasts 5 years max! My DAB300 stopped working too (luckily my father was given one for free and I had it)!ÿ

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