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RE: Best FM tuner ever made?

MajorFubar wrote:
Favourite tuner is my mkII Cyrus Tuner, the one built in the same heavy metal chassis as the later One and Two amps and operated by remote. I've heard/owned several well-respected tuners by Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood, Technics, Akai, and even a strange one from the 70s badged as a Wien (who made both a matching amp and an 8-track player in the same Cyrus-style half-width chassis). But nothing I've heard compares to this. With a first-rate aerial and first-rate transmissions from the likes of Radio 3 and 4, you're 'there'. Kudos though to Pioneer's advertising execs. Back in the late 80s (might have been early 90s), according to a WHF Supertest one of the best tuners money could buy was the then-current range-topper by Pioneer, though sadly I forget its model number. I remember Pioneer ran a very subtle full-page advert in WHF in the same issue. There was a studio/brochure shot of their Supertest-winning 5* tuner and a simple tagline that said something like, "One company makes the best tuners in the world. This is their best tuner." Subtle. Almost Carlsberg-like.

Probably the F-91 which was their TOTL model in the late 80s/early 90s. Gets a very good write-up in the Tuner Information Center.

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Yeah I think it was that one.

Yeah I think it was that one.

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RE: Best FM tuner ever made?

Musical Fidelity A5 Tuner takes some beating


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