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connecting dac to av receiver

I want to know if its possible to connect a dac to my onkyo 609. I have a multimediaplayer(mede8er 450x2),how do I connect the dac,onkyo and mede8er and will this improve my music I have stored on the mede8er(about 1 tb in mostly mp3,wma format,some in flac and wav) please help

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RE: connecting dac to av receiver

Does the mede8er have a digital output, either optical or coaxial? If so then yes you can connect it to a DAC and then connect the DAC's analogue outputs to an input on the AV receiver.

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RE: connecting dac to av receiver

Any external DAC can be connected into an analogue input of your AV receiver - essentially, rather than plugging your digital source direct into your AV receiver, you plug it into the DAC's digital input instead (in your case, the optical output on your Mede8er will do), then a pair of standard analogue cables connect the DAC into your AV receiver. Switch your AV receiver to the input you've connected your DAC to and you're set.

Whether you'll hear an improvement depends on the DAC and your own preferences - I suggest you do some trials / home demos from a dealer who will allow you to so you can judge for yourself.


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RE: connecting dac to av receiver

Rega DAC connected to my Sony DA5400es av amp sounded better than my Sonys onboard dac - but dont expect night and day differences. It was definitely better but not imo worth a £500 upgrade.

It will definitely improve the sound though but its all quite subtle.

Connect it all exactly as Professor Hat has explained - all very simple - put the Rega dac through the cd input on mine using Van den Hull analogue cables then put it all into source direct / pure direct mode on amp (or whatever Onkyo call there version of that).

I would try before you buy.


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Thanks for the feed back,will see if I can demo before I make a decision

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