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Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus - Digital output

I have problem with digital output from dac. Analog outs works great but i'm trying to get optical out from the dac to another rooms receiver but got no signal to receiver. Is it supposed to be just plug and play? Or am I missing something? I have understood that this is supposed to be possible. I have googled over the internet for answers but got nothing.

Same optical cable from comuters soundcard works fine, but that is not enough cose i cannot get sound out simultaneously at both places with that connection.

Inputs to dac I have tried USB and optical in and no difference with optical out. 

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for help in advance  Smile


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RE: Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus - Digital output

This is what I found in the manual:

"Digital outputs

The digital outputs allow a digital recording device to be connected. These outputs loop or passthrough

unprocessed digital audio from the selected digital input. Two types are available (both the

co-axial and the optical are active concurrently and can be used to connect and run equipment at

the same time):

S/P DIF co-axial – to obtain best results, use a high quality 75 ohm digital RCA interconnect cable

(not one designed for normal audio use).

TOSLINK optical – use a high quality TOSLINK fibre-optic interconnect cable designed specifically for

audio use. To achieve the best results we always recommend using high quality Cambridge Audio

leads, which are guaranteed for life.

Note: These outputs are pass-through only; there is no upsampling or any other modification done

to the LPCM input signal."


I have tested this myself with my old Minidisc deck and it actually works for recording on my Cambridge Audio DACMagic, which has similar outputs. I haven't tested it with another receiver (because I don't have one) but if you connect a Toslink cable to the digital out, there should be a red glow when you actually play a digital source. 

If you get the red glow on your output cable, I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able use this signal with your other receiver. It's easier to test this with Toslink than coax because of the red glow when there's a signal.


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