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basic setup: PC to DAC to AMP I have two options for every component eg 2 AMPs, 2 external DACs. Only one PC tho. 1 of the DACs has a SOUNDBLASTER EXTERNAL BOX. I have a sound problem. Awful sound, loses a channel etc.

If I use headphones its the same - if i press the DIRECT button it sounds OK (sometimes not great but other times fine)- tho i think i am right in saying it then comes out in mono. OK,. so that means that the problem is in the source right?

Well I plug my headphones into the soundblaster external box's headphones socket and it sounds perfect (ie before the signal gets to the DAC). so that measn that what is coming out from the PC is OK (well at least one of th edigital/analog sources...whichever it uses). the soundblaster goes to an X24 DAC. if i replace the DAC the problem is the same if i replace the interconnect cables with a different brand it is the same problem. I even have a different (inbuilt) soundcard on the PC. if i use that, it's the same. it can't be interference as that would affect the different DACs (in different positions) differently all i can think is that somehow the digital sound from the motherboard is somehow wrong (I've installed new CODECs) and i think it was the same when i tried a different PC a while back. in any case it is the same prob with AVIs and MP3s, especially the former. Sometimes cranking the sound up seems to get rid of the bad bit. This typically happens when cold. So you think a micro crack and condensation...yet it can't be that as there is no common component that could be at fault. oh and it now also has it's own consumer unit as well it's on rin circuit from that!


if you can solve this you can have my first born child and a 4-pack of beer...whichever is the cheaper.

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Does your PC have an on-board sound chip, (Most do these days) if so connect a pair of headphones to this and check if there is still a problem (Disconnect your other items first)

If the problem persists then it is probably a software problem, if however it is fine then it is time to check the connected units.

How is your Sound Blaster Box connected to your computer, if not analogue than make sure you have the latest drivers installed for it?

If the drivers are fine, then make sure your DAC is set to receive the same bit depth and sample rate that the SoundBlaster is outputting.

Also check to see if your computer has a digital out, if so connect the DAC directly to this.

Hope this helps


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