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Nakamichi av 8

Just been given a Nakamichi AV8 receiver. Any good? Sadly no remote - can I still get one? What about manual? any help/info. would be brilliant.

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RE: Nakamichi av 8

That's a very old receiver & does not support HDMI. What speakers have you got?

The only manual I could find was of the AV-10 which may be of some help:


And the only place I could find selling the remote is this:


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RE: Nakamichi av 8

Hi, Bose acoustimass 6 speakers.

I was offered both Nak and Bose as a type of favour/payment thing and I originally considered putting in kitchen due to nice small speakers but wifey say's that the amp and sub are far too big and ugly!!!!!!!!! Although an old system, I feel that they are too good not to be used and I am now planning to use them in my large shed/gym at the bottom of the garden (in place of a particularly sub standard sony all in one thing). Who knows, maybe It could be the start of a cinema type area, every one has to start somewhere? Don't mention it to the wife tho'!!

Thanks for the remote and manual link.

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RE: Nakamichi av 8


I have had an naka av-8 for at least 10 years on every day for tv output  and for surround for movies.

A superb amp which sadly has just started to falter and am told will have no chance of getting fixed.

I have a manual which of course you could copy the details somehow but this might be my only

visit here.

Music still comes out loud but dialogue now goes quiet and fades in and out .If i could get it fixed

Might keep it another 10 .Rock solid kit built to outlast its spares and repairs it seems.

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RE: Nakamichi av 8

Wow, that’s a blast from the past. It was a good amp in its day. I’m pretty sure this didn’t do DTS? Should be a decent amp for gratis though.

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RE: Nakamichi av 8

Hi Daniel

Looked all over the web for someone to fix my amp could get it done in the states.No videos of fixes

as they never broke just natural breakdown of components due to heat and stress.Actually closer to 12 years use:help:

and cant find my manual at present but i think yes to DTS cant confirm.I will put amp in the attic might find someone

to fix it one day.

Voices fade in and out across all inputs analogue also some part of a sound modual breaking down a part still available

somehow somewhere someone could fix.

Thinking of getting a Onkyo but finding many videos of faults with HDMI switching etc new stuff is not built to last pal .

Hope your amp works enjoy.


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