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Harman Kardon HKTS 16-BQ AVR recommendation

Hello forum,

I have Harman Kardon HKTS-16-BQ 5.1 speaker set and so far I had used Yamaha RX-V467 AVR. I was very satisfied until I have discovered an issue with it.


This components are now 2 years old and recently I have noticed that when I start Yamaha Front Right and Surround Right speakers don't work or work very quietly. After couple of minutes they start to work normally, like they are slowly rising volume. If I boost the AVR all of the speakers start to work normally.

When I tried with the test tone, the tone couldn't be heard on the Surround Right speaker. I have then added some volume and then it started to work.

Yesterday, I had a slightly different situation, the front right speaker was quiet at start but the Surround Right speaker worked properly. It looks like some random speaker issue including front right and surround right speaker.

I have cut wires on both sides because of oxidation, but still no luck. 

I have also switched cables and speakers and it seems to be related with the Yamaha speaker connectors.

It appears that I have found more users with similar issues on Google.

Now, I will sell this receiver and I plan to go with Denon AVR 1713 or Yamaha RX-V473, but I'm afraid that I will experience the same issue with the Yamaha again after some time.

Since my sattelite speakers have 120W max power and Denon AVR 1713 has 80W  per channel declaration. Is that a problem, do I need more powerful AVR for these speakers?

I am also considering MARANTZ NR 1403.

For some reason, here at local store the price of these AVR's is the same although online I can see that Denon is more expensive.

Any suggestions, recommendations?

Thanks in advance!