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Monitor Audio Pureflow Cable - any good?

Monitor Audio recommend their own / or re-sell someone else's speaker cable under the 'Pureflow' name but is it any good? They say its the same as what they use internally in the GS Series. As far as my shortlist goes, it would be going up against Van Den Hul's Tea Track (biwire version of CS-122).

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Re: Monitor Audio Pureflow Cable - any good?

 Haven't encountered it, and can't see any mention on MA's website. Anyone else tried it?


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Re: Monitor Audio Pureflow Cable - any good?

Yes, I've got some with my MA GR20s and it's way more neutral than Chord Odyssey 2. A fine, fine cable I terminated with decent bananas . At that price I just  took a punt and bought it. Suggest trying the same.  Big Smile

There's only one (I know of) UK online seller - 


and I'm not affiliated with him. 



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