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Greetings all, I'm new to the site and looking to change speaker cables, currently using MonsterXP for many years now. It's a very old system consisting of Marantz 250m, 3200 console, 6300 turntable and Sony CD/DVD player. All of those components have just been serviced and some of the CD players diodes replaced, 'Wessels' in Cape Town assured me he could guarantee to make a player sound better and he was true too his word. Speakers are M/A GS20's, past reviews have those classified as somewhat "clinical" well I got those used, after 6 months at 1/2 price of new and would conclude that they may need more 'run in time' than most others, the 'tightness' has vanished after extended playing since purchased after 10 months. Now well pleased with my bargain purchase I must add the recent aquirement of a Stanton 681EEE MK 111 cartridge, had 2 Stantons before but vinyl has never sounded this good, Wessel set my turntable up with this needle, he is also in shock! I know now that vinyl is the ideal form of music, what a pity that there are not more LP's available (were's a good site to buy, aside from CD Universe)

All the above now providing stunning sound, never sounded better and am in a state of shock at my good fortune, that said, I am thinking of even better at merely changing the MonsterXP cables, currently considering Auqioquest FLX-Slip due to the glowing review published in the mag. However, I could spend more on cables for what would be recommended by all you knowledgeable HI FI Fundi's.

Ending with this! it cost me a couple of ZAR to get my 70's system in shape, why go new in an horendous economic climate? Blessed with having  found a technician of repute my world has changed, will those ZAR 30 a metre MonsterXP's be replaced by better?

Thanking you in anticipaction, regards Pete.