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mains cable isolator blocks

how do i get on get better sound and pictures if my mains lead is hard wired into the unit,like on my dvd player.

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Re: mains cable isolator blocks

 What's the player, what's the rest of the system, and what's the problem with the sound and pictures?

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Re: mains cable isolator blocks

it's a pioneer dvd626 i also have a panasonic dvd recorder, a denon avr 2105 receiver, amstrad sky box,philips 32" widecreen crt tv and mission m-cube 7.1 speaker system.the sound and pictures are good.i was will be upgrading all the cables soon and was just wondering how much of a difference these blocks will make.i am going to use QED cables for the most of the system and probably ECOSSE for the rest.

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