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Atlas Cables + Futureshop

Dear All,

I had the most wonderfull experience with the Futureshop.co.uk with some Atlas Cables I bought.

Initially I bought the Atlas Hyper Biwire cables at Futureshop.co.uk at a real good low price (lowest on the internet), but the sound of this cables althow excelent and some of the best I ever heard, were not as good as the Hyper 3.0 that I had before at home to try out.

Then I spoke with Futureshop.co.uk and without any problems they agreeded to change the Atlas Hyper Biwire for the Hyper 3.0 (for the bass) and Hyper 1.5 (for the treble). I returned the cables but they sent me the other cables even before receiving the returned ones. They trusted me and provided first class service on the phone, they even called me to my mobile and the cables are terminated in perfect conditions, excelent work.

Also I want to thank Mr. John Carrick from Atlas Cables for suggesting the Futureshop.co.uk and also for his always very quick responses to my mails (even on Sundays) with all the explanations and patience.

About the combination of the Atlas Hyper 3.0 for the low frequencies and the Hyper 1.5 for the high frequencies I must say that it is a heavenly combination. It delivers a most envolving sound, with real weight wich delivers real deep low frequencies, beatifully open midrange and excelent treble. This Atlas Cables are worth every euro, I even say that if I payed the double it still be worth every euro. This cables are far superior than the QED Revelation I had at home, it doesn't have the brightness that QED and Chord cables tend to have, it is a very natural sounding cable that makes your system sound at it's best. As from what I heard, the ATLAS Cables are of a superior league, leaving the likes of Chord and QED and similar real behind eating dust. Anyonw who needs his sistem sound at it's best please look for Atlas Cables.

I'm surprised that here at the WHF foruns Atlas Cables are not very often mentioned as they are much better than the Chord and QED which are constantly mentioned and advised to be bought. 

Here at Portugal I even know a company that uses Atlas Cables at all his sistems, from entry level to high end, so Atlas is a universal cable that is suitable for entry level sistems and as well high end sistems. Next time anyone considers buying or changing the speaker cables, choose the Atlas Cables and be the proud owner of the best speaker cable around.