Rewind: Our verdict on the Sonos Ace, the future of MQA and what we want from Sony’s next headphones revealed

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Happy Monday and welcome to the latest entry to our weekly Rewind news digest, where we detail the biggest developments in the worlds of hi-fi and home cinema over the past seven days.

What a week it was, with our team delivering their final verdict on a wealth of new cutting edge hardware, and getting an opening look at key products, including Loewe’s new flagship OLED TV and more.

Here’s what you need to know.

The Sonos Ace aren’t so ace 

Sonos Ace leaning up against a colourful background, next to the Apple AirPods Max

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Last week, after exhaustive, hours-upon-hours of testing we delivered our verdict on Sonos' first wireless headphones, the Ace.

We found plenty to like about the headphones, which have a unique design that looks a little like a cross between the Apple AirPods Max and Sony WH-1000XM5 that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable to wear. However, there’s one big problem – they don’t sound as good as their Sony and Apple rivals. Which is why the Sonos Ace earned a three star rating.

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Samsung’s flagship Dolby Atmos package delivered the goods 

Samsung HW-Q990D soundbar system

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Samsung’s been pushing to establish itself as a home cinema audio heavyweight for quite some time. Last week it had a lot of success in that endeavour with our team awarding its Samsung HW-Q990D package a perfect five star rating. The wireless system consists of a central soundbar, single subwoofer and twin rear speakers. Combined they deliver a staggering 11.1.4  driver count. During testing the system delivered plenty of heft and held a wonderful directional quality, making it an easy recommendation.

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Why we want Sony’s next flagship headphones to be more expensive 


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Jump over to our best wireless headphones and best ANC headphones guides and you’ll see we’re big fans of its current WH-1000XM5 flagship. Which is why this week our managing editor, Becky Roberts, penned an opinion piece urging the firm to release an even more premium top end pair to rival the AirPods Max with its next flagship headphones.

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 We got a glimpse at MQA’s future 

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Finally, after months of silence, Lenbrook this week revealed what it plans to do with MQA. For starters its founding a separate MQA Labs wing, focussed on the tech. Then it’s splitting the current technology into three new products, which are branded "Airia", Foqus" and "Qrono."

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We had an opening look at Loewe’s flagship OLED 

Loewe Stellar TV with the Tizen home menu on screen

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This week our intrepid staff writer Lewis Empson had a chance to take an opening look at the Loewe Stellar. As well looking pretty unique, featuring concrete in its design – yes you read that right – it has some pretty impressive hardware, including an MLA OLED panel that’s been manufactured by Loewe.

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Lumin unveiled a new music streamer 

Lumin P1 Mini streamer on a grey background

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Music streamers are arriving at a frenzied pace this year, and this week Lumin continued the trend, unveiling its P1 Mini. As the name implies, it’s a compact little unit. But take a closer look and it has a surprising amount of hardware despite its small size, being able to double as a DAC/preamplifier.

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