Rewind: New OLED TVs, Q Acoustics 3000c first impressions, Lamborghini sound systems and more

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Monday has once again rolled around and that means a fresh instalment of What Hi-Fi?’s weekly Rewind news wrap up.

Here once again we detail all the top headlines to break in the worlds of hi-fi and home cinema in the past seven days – and what a week it was.

We had everything from OLED TV launches from Panasonic to an unexpected new collaboration between hi-fi heavyweight Sonus Faber and supercar maker Lamborghini.

Here’s what you need to know.

Panasonic launched a load of new OLED and Mini LED TVs

Panasonic Z90A, Z85A and Z80A on stands

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Last week we sent our intrepid editor (me) to Dusseldorf to get a first-hand look at Panasonic’s new TVs. At the event the firm not only lifted the lid on its mid- and lower-price OLED TVs, headlined by the new Panasonic Z90A, it also launched a fresh wave of Mini LED sets – one of which left a very positive first impression on the What Hi-Fi? team.

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We had an opening play with the Q Acoustics 3000c speaker range

Q Acoustics 3010c in white finish and Q Acoustics 3020c in dark wood finish speakers on display

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The Q Acoustics 3000c range of speakers were launched at the Munich High End show earlier this month. Last week our team of reviewers managed to have an early listen to the speakers. While we only had a chance to listen to a few tracks in less than ideal testing conditions, our early impressions are very positive, with our reviewers reporting:

“We liked what we heard in our brief time with the 3020c standmount and 3050c floorstanders, from the clean, spacious presentation to the punchy, snappy rhythm. And the price point is appealing. We look forward to putting them through their full reviewing paces in a couple of months' time.”

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Lamborghini and Sonus Faber joined forces

Lamborghini Revuelto cockpit

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We’ve seen a lot of high end audio brands, including Bowers & Wilkins and Cambridge Audio, announce partnerships with car brands this year. Last week Sonus Faber continued the trend, announcing it has designed a seven-speaker, 750W set-up for Lamborghini’s £450,000 / $600,000 Revuelto sports car. 

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Our home cinema editor made a plea to TV makers

Panasonic Z90A King Kong image

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Last week our home cinema editor, Tom Parsons, took the time to pen a wishlist for TV makers of what he wants from them. You’d think this would be a laundry list of things like “an affordable microLED panel” or four HDMI 2.1 inputs. But it’s actually a long list of things he’d like them to remove or stop doing…

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 TCL’s set to push Mini LED tech to a new level 


(Image credit: TCL)

TCL’s new QD-Mini LED TVs are about to launch in the US, and to help generate some buzz, last week it lifted the lid on a few key upgrades it has made to their panels. Specifically it revealed that the top sets will feature 5000 dimming zones and a peak brightness over 5000 nits. The downside? The high numbers are specific to the US models. Sadly, the European models will have much lower stats…

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