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10 best Christmas gift ideas for travel lovers

Best Christmas gift ideas for travel lovers

This guide is all about gifting inspiration for the frequent flyer in your life. 

From noise-cancelling headphones to Bluetooth trackers, battery packs to smart heads-up displays, these gifts will keep even the most restless souls happy (at least until the end of Christmas Day).

Sony WH-1000XM2

You don't need to be travelling in first class to get a premium sonic experience. These Sony headphones don't just deliver great sound that's clear, balanced and packing plenty of bass, they also offer noise-cancelling and wireless connectivity – ideal for planes, trains and even automobiles (as long as you're not driving). 

You get 30 hours of juice from the battery and thanks to a comfortable design, they do the job for even the longest of long-haul flights. (If you want to really splash out, a newer model is also available.)

Tile Mate 

Nobody wants to be left in the same pair of pants for two weeks due to lost luggage, so give yourself an extra advantage by using a Bluetooth tracker. 

The Tile Mate is the world's best-selling such device. It measures just a few centimetres wide and can be attached to anything - luggage, bag, keys - and then used to alert you to your item's whereabouts with a ringtone activated by your smartphone. 

If your luggage does go missing, you get the added benefit that any Tile device within range of your missing item will be able to notify you of its location. 

Ultimate Ears Roll 2

Whether it's for the hotel room, apartment or beach, it's good to have some music for when you're on holiday. And no, your phone's speakers really won't cut it - you need a portable Bluetooth speaker. 

Ultimate Ears has made a name for itself making excellent affordable, wireless speakers. And the Roll 2 is possibly the best example, holding down the position as our favourite portable speaker under £100 for some years. It's water-proof, too, so you don't have to worry about it getting wet by the pool.

Anker USB charger

You don't want to miss that perfect Instagram moment at the end of your last day on holiday because you've run out of battery. This Anker USB charger can deliver fast-charging to four devices simultaneously and also has the handy benefit of offering UK and EU plug connections, so you don't need to worry about remembering your adapter. 

Kuppet battery pack

Of course, if you're out for the day, a plug may not be much use. That's when you need a battery pack. This portable charger can charge up to three devices simultaneously, has a 2 in 1 built-in micro cable, Lightning and USB adapter, and also supports QI wireless charging. The 20,000 mAh battery will deliver several charges to most phones, so you should never get caught short of juice again. 

It's the top-rated portable charger on Amazon as an added bonus.

Cowon Plenue D

Another way to save phone battery, is to use another device for listening to music. If you're going on holiday, it also gives you some extra storage for more tunes. You can spend a lot of money on hi-res music players nowadays, such as the Astell & Kern Kann, but this Cowon Plenue D delivers great sound and supports hi-res audio at a budget price. 

Still lamenting the death of the iPod? You can pick up old iPods if you're quick from the Apple Certified Refurbished store.

Hudway Glass V2.0

If you've got a road trip coming or just do a lot of driving, this heads-up display will show you the way and save you staring at your phone while you're driving. 

Simple and easy to install, the Hudway gives you big, clear, easy to follow instructions from your screen thanks to a simple transparent, reflective display. It works day and night and is compatible with any smartphone.

Apple Music gift card

Ah the gift of music. What could be better? Well, music you can take all around the world with you, we figure. Thanks to streaming services that's easy enough. An Apple Music gift card is a neat way to do it, allowing the recipient to redeem a subscription. 

We're big fans of lossless streaming on Tidal, too, but it seems the Tidal gift card is only available in the US.

Google Pixel Buds

80s footballer Ian Rush once famously said playing in Italy, "was like being in a foreign country". And that can be the tricky (and fun) bit about exploring foreign climes - sometimes things can get lost in translation. 

So how about some translating earphones? The Pixel Buds work with a Google Pixel phone and Google Translate to offer real-time translation of foreign languages. 

Like magic? Yes, like magic.

Wireless camera remote control

The mission here is avoiding using a selfie stick. This handy little remote control works with Apple and Android phones (and tablets) and works as a wireless remote for your camera. So if you're on your own but spot the perfect selfie opportunity, you can set up your phone (a tripod might be handy) and use the remote to take the snap. 

Operational at up to 30 feet and promising to connect to pretty much any phone, it sounds like a good bet for any travel-happy techie.