4 reasons the new AirPods Pro 2 should be better than the old AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro (2022)
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Thanks to Apple's 'Far Out' event today, the AirPods Pro 2 (2022) have finally been announced, bringing with them a reported host of features and upgrades distinguishing them from the original AirPods Pro for the same £249 / $249 / AU$399 price.

Of course, we haven't had a chance yet to get our hands on AirPods Pro 2 (2022), so you'll have to hang tight for our official review and in-depth comparison between the new AirPods Pro and the original AirPods Pro. Nonetheless, there's good reason to expect the new AirPods Pro to be better than the originals.

In fact, there are at least four reasons, and based on what Apple recently announced, here's why we think Apple's new flagship wireless earbuds could dethrone the AirPods Pro as the king of Apple earbuds.

1. Better sound quality

Apple AirPods Pro 2

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What could be more important in a pair of earbuds than sound quality? Not much. And Apple isn't disappointing in that regard, as the AirPods Pro (2022) are coming fitted with a brand-new low distortion driver powered by a custom amplifier. The result, according to Apple, is "more detail and clarity across a wider range of frequencies."

Plus, spatial audio is getting a nice upgrade on the new buds in the way of personalized spatial audio profiles. Using a camera with iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 you can generate a personalized profile specific to your individual ear and enjoy spatial audio on the new AirPods Pro.

2. Better noise-cancellation

Apple AirPods Pro 2

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Noise-cancellation is a big part of the AirPods Pro proposition and we're happy to report Apple claims to have made improvements to ANC with the AirPods Pro (2022). Apple's claiming twice the noise-canceling effectiveness of the original AirPods Pro, making them better than ever at eliminating background noise.

This massive upgrade comes thanks to the AirPods Pro (2022)'s new H2 chip alongside optimizations Apple has made to the acoustic vent and mic placements. Plus, passive noise-canceling is also getting an upgrade for some, as Apple is now including XS ear tips with the new AirPods Pro so they should be suitable for an even wider range of people.

When you couple noise-cancellation improvements with audio quality upgrades, the listening experience of AirPods Pro 2 (2022) should be a meaningful upgrade over the original, though we'll have to test them to find out for sure.

3. Improved battery life

AirPods Pro (2022)

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Nobody likes their wireless earbuds dying on them, and while that wasn't much of a problem with the original AirPods Pro that came with up to 24 hours of battery life including the charging case, the AirPods Pro (2022) will last even longer, offering up to 30 hours of battery life with the charging case. For a single charge comparison, the original AirPods Pro could last 5 hours, while the new AirPods Pro can last 6 hours on a single charge.

Plus, charging is easier than ever, too, as you can charge your AirPods wirelessly with an Apple Watch charger or a MagSafe charger now, though they still use Lightning instead of USB-C for wired charging. All told, though, charging is more flexible and you get better battery life, which is a nice win.

4. Quality of life features

AirPods Pro (2022)

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Quality of life features are always a godsend, and the AirPods Pro (2022) have enough of those to spare. On top of XS ear tips and personalized spatial audio profiles coming in the new AirPods Pro, the new AirPods Pro have 'Adaptive Transparency' which allows you to automatically reduce outside noise when there's a particularly loud sound around you.

Touch controls have been added to the AirPods Pro (2022)'s stems so now you can more easily adjust the volume of your music and take calls when you're on the go. The charging case of the new AirPods Pro is also getting a major upgrade, coming with a built-in speaker to indicate pairing and charging as well as help you find out its location.

These aren't life-changing features individually, but if they combine with improved audio quality, ANC, and battery life, the new AirPods Pro could be a solid upgrade over the original.


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