The best Black Friday Sonos Roam deals 2021

The best Black Friday Sonos Roam deals 2021
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Sonos has built a reputation as one of the best multi-room specialists around, but in recent years it has widened its scope to the great outdoors. First came the Sonos Move, its first portable speaker (though due to its bulk, it wasn't exactly pocket-sized). And this was followed by the Sonos Roam, a more sensibly sized portable to rival the best Bluetooth speakers around.

Deals on Sonos kit are rarer than a fat postman, but thanks to Black Friday, you might just get lucky. Check out the best Sonos Roam deals on the internet below...

The Roam cost £159 ($169, AU$279) when we reviewed it earlier this year, but sadly Sonos increased the price of some of its products back in September, and unfortunately, the Roam was among them. Its RRP is now £179 ($179, AU$299).

Still, it'll be worth every penny for those looking to expand their Sonos universe with a flexible proposition such as this. Not only is it a quality-built unit, it's also fully immersed in Sonos' multi-room ecosystem, with both Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity. That means you can use it in the garden and have your music playing in the house for when you need to shelter from the rain, or grab it and take the commentary with you to get another beer while the footy is on.

Water- and dust-resistance come as standard, and the battery is good for 10 hours of use before needing a recharge. Controls are via the Sonos app, which is a dream to use, and the device plays nice with Apple AirPlay 2.

Sonically it is decent too, with its bassy low-end never threatening to muddy what is a clear and expressive midrange. It's a delicate balance to strike, and the Roam manages it effortlessly – although it does offer less clarity than the best portable Bluetooth speakers out there. 

If you can find this on a deal, buy with confidence.


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