The best Prime Day LG OLED TV sales still live: LG G3 and C3 deals at low prices

So, you've decided to buy a new TV and you've decided you'd quite like a shiny new LG OLED. That makes sense: LG's OLED TVs have shown great consistency over the years and they offer the most complete spec sheets of any TVs currently available. What's more, they're also priced very aggressively, especially during the Prime Day sales, the first big deals extravaganza of 2023.

But which LG OLED should you buy and how can you be sure you're getting a great deal? Easy: you keep reading this very page.

LG's new C3 and G3 OLEDs have recently hit their lowest prices yet, and there are still some excellent deals on the 2022 C2 and G2 models hanging around that shops are desperate to ship, resulting in some seriously tempting discounts.

Without further ado, here are the best cheap LG OLED TV deals available right now.

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42-inch LG OLED TV deals

LG OLED42C2 2022 OLED TV  £1399

LG OLED42C2 2022 OLED TV £1399 £979 at Amazon (save £420)
LG's first 42-inch OLED TV is still available (for now), is almost as good as the newer C3, and is much, much cheaper thanks to some heavy discounting. Get it while you still can. Read our full LG OLED42C2 review.

LG OLED42C3 2023 OLED TV £1499

LG OLED42C3 2023 OLED TV £1499 £1299 at Sevenoaks (save £200)
The C3 isn't much of an upgrade on the C2 it replaces but it's priced much higher, even with this discount. Still, if you must have the latest model, this is the deal for you. Read our full LG OLED42C3 review.

48-inch LG OLED TV deals

LG OLED48C2 2022 OLED TV £1399

LG OLED48C2 2022 OLED TV £1399 £799 at John Lewis (save £600)
If you want a cutting-edge 48-inch TV at a great price, the OLED48C2 is for you. This is last year's model but it's very similar to the new C3 and is significantly cheaper. It's also got every gaming feature covered.

55-inch LG OLED TV deals

LG OLED55C2 2022 OLED TV £1899

LG OLED55C2 2022 OLED TV £1899 £1049 at PRC Direct (save £850)
LG's new C2 is the ideal TV for most people. It's brighter than any 2021 OLED, produces brilliantly punchy but natural images and boasts every next-gen gaming feature you could ask for. Read our full LG C2 review.

LG OLED55A2 2022 OLED TV  £1499

LG OLED55A2 2022 OLED TV £1499 £799 at Hughes (save £730)
This 55-inch A2 OLED does without the C2's advanced gaming specs and brighter panel, but otherwise should offer the excellent LG OLED picture quality we've come to know and love. Potentially a great-value option for the non-gamers out there. Not one we've reviewed but we've no reason to doubt its credentials as a cost-effective OLED TV for the non-gamers out there.

LG OLED55C1 2021 OLED TV £1699

LG OLED55C1 2021 OLED TV £1699 £879 at Richer Sounds (save £820)
2021's C-series OLED from LG was everything you would expect – an all-round picture performer with every next-gen gaming feature you could hope for. It's got the catch-up apps that were missing from the CX, too. A brilliant TV, particularly at this price. Read our full LG C1 review.

LG OLED55G2 2022 OLED TV  £2399

LG OLED55G2 2022 OLED TV £2399 £1179 at PRC Direct (save £1220)
While most people will be best served by the C2, above, the G2 is even brighter and punchier and boasts a frame-like design that makes it look particularly brilliant when wall-mounted. Do bear in mind that there's no stand in the box. Read our full LG G2 review.

65-inch LG OLED TV deals

LG OLED65C2 2022 OLED TV  £2699

LG OLED65C2 2022 OLED TV £2699 £1499 at Amazon (save £1201)
While the G2 is an even better performer, the C2 is still the 2022 LG OLED TV that most people should buy, thanks to its irresistible performance-per-pound credentials. It's got a flawless set of next-gen gaming features, too. Read our full LG C2 review.

LG OLED65G2 2022 OLED TV  £3299

LG OLED65G2 2022 OLED TV £3299 £1799 at Amazon (save £1500)
The G2 offers the best 4K picture quality that LG currently produces, boasting not only OLED Evo technology, but also an added heatsink that allows the panel to be pushed to even brighter levels. The design is also lovely (though bear in mind that a wall bracket is included but a stand is not) and every gaming feature imaginable is supported. Read our full LG G2 review.

77-inch LG OLED TV deals

LG OLED77G2 2022 OLED TV  £4499

LG OLED77G2 2022 OLED TV £4499 £2999 at Richer Sounds (save £1500)
The 77-inch version of LG's top 4K OLED TV is every bit the dazzling proposition you imagine it to be. If you've got the space and the money, this is a superb option. You need to be Richer Sounds VIP member in order to get this deal, but joining is instant and free. Read our full LG G2 review.

83-inch LG OLED TV deals

LG OLED83C2 2022 OLED TV  was £5499

LG OLED83C2 2022 OLED TV was £5499 now £3999 at John Lewis (save £1500)
The biggest-ever C-class OLED is a sight to behold. On a pounds-per-inch basis it's not as good value as its smaller siblings, but this discount helps, and there's no substitute for size when it comes to home cinema. Read our full LG C2 review.

LG OLED83G2 2022 OLED TV  was £6499

LG OLED83G2 2022 OLED TV was £6499 now £4499 at Amazon (save £2000)
The G2 – LG's brightest, most stylish TV – is available as a huge 83-inch model as well. If you've got the space and the budget, there may be no better TV out there. Read our full LG G2 review.

When's the best time to buy an LG OLED TV?

TV prices fluctuate massively over the course of a year, and knowing the best time to buy can be the difference between bagging a bargain and paying well over the odds. Generally speaking, there are three times of year that are best to buy a new TV: spring, big sales events and big sporting events.

Of these, spring is often the very best. This is because it's the time of year that all of the previous year's TVs tend to be sold with huge reductions so that space can be made for the new models that were announced in the January. Generally speaking, TV improvements are fairly incremental from one year to the next and you can usually save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, by opting for last year's model. A word of warning, though: these are end-of-line models we're talking about so when they're gone, they're gone. Wait too long for the very lowest price and you could end up missing out entirely.

If you don't want to wait until spring, there are three big sales events to mark in your calendar: Amazon Prime DayBlack Friday and Cyber Monday. The 2022 editions of these events have now been and gone, but Amazon Prime Day 2023 is running now from the 11th July through the 12th July. Black Friday and Cyber Monday always take place, respectively, on the first Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving in the US. That means that next year Black Friday should take place on Friday 24th November, and Cyber Monday on Monday 27th November. While these sales events don't necessarily guarantee the very lowest prices you will see all year, you can be pretty sure of getting a deal that's at least good, and quite possibly great.

While slightly less obvious, big sporting events often really do generate big deals on new TVs. Think Wimbledon, the Olympics and of course football tournaments such as the World Cup, Euros and the FA Cup Final. We're in the midst of Wimbledon at the time of writing has already taken place but, the FIFA Women's World Cup takes Kicks off on July 20th, and the cricket World Cup runs from the 5th October to the 19th November.

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