Black Friday soundbar deals: The best TV speaker deals

Soundbar deals

Black Friday or Cyber Monday could be the perfect time to upgrade your TV's audio, and there are already plenty of early Black Friday soundbar deals.

Whether you want a soundbar or soundbase, it's an easy way to boost your TV's sound performance without cluttering your lounge with speakers. Premium TV speakers will offer pseudo surround sound and even support for next-generation Dolby Atmos sound. Here's our pick of the best Black Friday deals when it comes to speakers for your TV.

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Black Friday soundbar and soundbase deals

Sony HT-SF150 2 wireless soundbar £139.99 £99

Save £40 on this simple Sony soundbar to boost your TV's sound. Better audio is a bonus and you also get wireless Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream music from a phone or tablet.View Deal

Polk MagniFi soundbar system £339 £229

Get mighty sound in a minimalist package that enhances whatever room it lives in. The Polk MagniFi Mini uses 5.1 Dolby Digital decoding and six drivers to fill the room with sound. It can also be fed from Bluetooth and GoogleCast. View Deal

Sony HT-XF9000 2.1ch Bluetooth soundbar £449.99 £339

This Sony soundbar delivers 7.1.2 surround sound virtualised from the soundbar and sub alone. That means an immersive room-filling audio experience and at a saving of £110.99.View Deal

Denon Heos Bar with Heos Sub for £1279 £1099

This soundbar and sub setup has dropped by £180 making this high-end system more affordable. 4K HDMI support and 9 powerful drivers promise a super cinema experience. You also get Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streaming and the HEOS control app. View Deal

The best pre-Black Friday soundbar and soundbase deals

Black Friday soundbar deals

JBL Bar Studio

  • Solid and punchy sound
  • Plenty of bass
  • Good range of features

The JBL Bar Studio is proof there's some amazing value to be had in the soundbar market. Originally tested at £150 and now available for less then £100, it's a fine budget option with a punchy and rich sound. There's little to quibble about when it comes to its build and on-board features, too. At just under 6cm in height, it will slot under most suitably sized TVs without looking out of place. HDMI (ARC) and optical sockets cover the rear and Bluetooth is also onboard for simplified streaming. At this kind of money you can't really go wrong.

Black Friday soundbar deals

Yamaha YAS-207

  • Crisp, dynamic sound
  • Spacious and immersive
  • Slim, practical design

Yamaha has proved time and again that it knows how to build a decent soundbar. Take the Award-winning YAS-207. It creates a hugely effective virtual surround sound experience which defies the bar's physical proportions. It creates a wider spread of sound than rivals at the money, while it's more spacious and more enveloping too.

Add 4K HDR support and Bluetooth streaming and you've got a convincing, convenient package, now available with a tidy discount.

Black Friday soundbar deals


  • Expansive, immersive sound
  • Clear dialogue
  • Atmos speakers work well

The SK10Y won't be for everyone because if its sheer size, but for owners of 55in TVs and above it could be a fine solution. It's a relatively slender design that squeezes in a 5.1.2 speaker set-up which includes a pair or angled, upfiring drivers to help deliver a convincing Dolby Atmos experience. The soundbar's audio has been tuned with the help of British hi-fi stalwart Meridian, and delivers a clear, clean and punchy sound. The Sony HT-ST5000 listed below might be our favourite at the money, this discounted LG is worth investigating. 

Black Friday soundbar deals

Sony HT-ST5000

  • Excellent integration
  • Fine detail
  • Suports Dolby Atmos

If you're looking for a fuss-free way to get Dolby Atmos into your home, this is the best we've seen so far. The Sony is fantastic - pairing a real sense of height with sophisticated sound quality. It's easy to set up, use and comes with a useful selection of 4K HDR-compatible HDMI inputs, Bluetooth connectivity and streaming support for Spotify and Tidal among others.

In the grand scheme of soundbars, this Sony might not be the cheapest, but it now boasts a big discount which should add to the appeal. We've no hesitation in recommending the HT-ST5000.

Best soundbase deals

Black Friday soundbase deals

Cambridge Audio TV5 V2

  • Tight bass
  • Fluid dynamics
  • HDMI (ARC) connectivity

If you don't like the idea of soundbar, how about placing your TV on a soundbase? The Cambridge Audio TV5 v2 is one of the best examples of the genre. It's a sturdy piece of kit, and at just over 70cm long should sit happily under most sets. It boasts a 3.5mm jack, an RCA connection, optical input and aptX Bluetooth connectivity. Bass is tight, mids are punchy and the speaker has more than enough dynamism to fill most rooms.

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Black Friday soundbase deals

Sonos Playbase

  • Impressively big, wide soundstage
  • Streaming smarts
  • Stylish and sturdy

Typical of Sonos, the Playbase offers simplicity and style in abundance. It's also an impressive sonic upgrade over your average flatscreen TV, blessed with a surprisingly wide and three-dimensional soundfield. The Playbase works well on its own or you can, of course, use it as part of a larger Sonos-based multi-room system and take advantage of its numerous streaming skills. Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify are all on board, there's internet radio from TuneIn and you can also access any music stored on your computer phone or NAS device. It's also now available for £100 less than our original 'tested at' price.