Sonos deals: The cheapest US price on every Sonos speaker

Best Sonos deals: The best prices on Sonos speakers

Sonos has made the multi-room market its own with a range of excellent wireless speakers, soundbars and companion amplifiers. Even as new competitors such as Audio Pro, Bluesound and B&W fill the market, Sonos remains a solid (and relatively affordable) bet for anyone wanting wireless music around their home.

Like Apple deals, Sonos savings don't come around too often, but there are some discounts across the range. So if you were thinking of taking the plunge and buying a Sonos speaker, now might be the time...

Sonos One

Sonos One deals

Ignoring its Play:1 predecessor below, the Sonos One is the cheapest Sonos wireless speaker - and now it's even better value. The reason for the official price drop to $169 is that the first-generation models are being sold low to make way for the Gen 2 version, which is also available now at the original price of $199. The differences between the two are slight, though: the Gen 2 gets Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), an updated processor, and increased memory, but that's it. We therefore reckon it's the perfect time to grab a great-sounding, Alexa-toting One with a 15% saving.

Sonos Play:1

Sonos Play:1 deals

The Play:1 was the original small but beautifully formed Sonos speaker. Now usurped by the One (above), it remains an accomplished performer, certainly where sound is concerned, but doesn't offer the bells and whistles (mainly voice control) that you find on the Sonos One. Thanks to the Play:1's relative age, you can save a few quid and start a multi-room speaker set-up from as little as $298 with two of the speakers.

Sonos Play:3 

Sonos Play 3 deals

Like the majority of Sonos's wireless speakers, the Play:3 is another cracking performer and is now available with a tidy saving. No touch sensitive controls or voice assistants, but all the control and streaming functionality of the Sonos family is there. Naturally you get a lift in performance over the Play:1 too.

Sonos Play:5

Sonos Play:5 deals

The biggest, boldest and most powerful speaker in the Sonos range, the Play:5 can fill even the biggest room with a rich, powerful sound. Some new rivals might beat it on pure audio performance, but as an addition to a Sonos system, it's still great quality.

Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam deals

The Sonos Beam is the latest smart speaker from Sonos and the first to add an HDMI connection. This means it's ideal for boosting the sound from your TV, while also giving you all the familiar Sonos features. Voice control is here, too. At this price, it's a bargain.

Sonos Playbar

Sonos Playbar deals

If you’re looking for a simple device that will massively improve the sound from your TV (as opposed to a bona fide surround sound set-up) and give you immediate access to more music than you could ever possibly hope to listen to, the Sonos Playbar is an excellent option.

Sonos Playbase

Sonos Playbase deals

If you prefer a soundbase to a soundbar, then the Playbase is your only option where Sonos is concerned. Luckily, it's a pretty good option. There's an impressively big, wide soundstage, solid, natural bass and a stylish, solid build. The treble can be a bit edgy when it gets really loud but it's still a fine buy, particularly with the current, $100 discount.

Sonos Connect

Sonos Connect deals

The Connect can turn any home hi-fi into a Sonos streaming system, simply connect one of these clever boxes to your amplifier and you're in business. It's a great way to bring Sonos smarts to a traditional music system - and upgrade your sound in the process.

Sonos Connect:Amp

Sonos Connect:Amp deals

Much like the Connect, the Connect: Amp is all about bringing Sonos to traditional two-channel systems. You've probably guessed the difference; this one has its own amplifier, so you can connect straight to a pair of speakers. The Connect:Amp has now been superseded by the Amp below, so likely won't be available for long. On the plus side, there are now some useful discounts around.

Sonos Amp

Like the Connect:Amp, the all-new Sonos Amp is designed to offer all of Sonos’s streaming smarts in a unit you can add any hi-fi speakers to. Around the back of the just-add-speakers Amp you’ll find all of the connections of the Connect:Amp – two pairs of speaker terminals, a subwoofer output, two ethernet sockets, and a stereo analogue input. But there’s one important addition: an HDMI socket, which gives the Amp all of the TV-partnering features of the Sonos Beam, including automatic switching to TV audio when required and volume control via your TV’s original remote. 

Sonos Sub

While the 16kg Sonos Sub is not the most refined piece of kit, it does its job very nicely. That job is to add some big bass and without any difficulty in set-up either but its major drawback is the big price to match. All the more reason to keep your eyes on any price cuts.

Sonos custom install speakers

Sonos has recently left the home for the first time, introducing a new range of in-wall, in-ceiling and waterproof outdoor speakers with architectural speaker specialist Sonance.

This ‘Sonos Architectural by Sonance’ range is designed and ‘optimised’ for the Sonos Amp above, with one Amp able to connect with up to three pairs of the new speakers, gifting them Sonos functionality such as streaming service access via the app and AirPlay 2 control. Naturally, the Outdoor speaker (pictured above) has a weatherproof design.

As these newbies have only recently hit shelves it'll inevitably be some time before we see price drops. Still, the best prices are as follows:

Sonos Boost

The Sonos Boost is a network extender which replaced the old Sonos Bridge. Most people won't need it but you'll know if you do. Should your speakers struggle to connect because of thick walls or a sea of other wi-fi devices all fighting for the airwaves in your home, then the Boost can create a dedicated wireless system for your Sonos products. Not the most recent release from the Sonos stables, so plenty of deals to be had.


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