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Best 4K projector deals: portable, Full HD, 4K

OLED TVs are all well and good, but there really is no alternative to watching films in grand scale. These are the best 4K projector deals around right now to turn your house into a home cinema and have enough money left over for drinks, nibbles and a couple of 4K Blu-rays. Before you dive right into the best projector deals, though, here a few things to bear in mind.

Remember to check out the dimensions and how versatile any potential projector is with positioning before you buy. You don't want to take delivery of a new toy only to discover it's not suitable for your room. To help you, we've also written our own guide on how to set up your projector and get the best picture.

Pricier models will handle 4K content, giving you an incredibly lifelike picture uncovering greater detail, better contrast and more accurate colours. Make sure it has the relevant inputs that support your sources e.g HDMI for a games console or 4K Blu-ray player. Some projectors even include wi-fi and built-in video streaming for the ultimate in convenience.

Right, that's the basics covered. Here's our pick of the best projector deals.

Top 3 projector deals live right now

Nebula Capsule £400 £280 at BT Shop Amazon (save £120)

Optoma UHD42 4K projector £1299 £1099 at PRC Direct (save £200)

Sony VPL-VW760ES 4K projector £14,999 £10,999 at AVOnline (save £4000)

Nebula Capsule projector £400 £340 at BT Shop
When reviewed, we praised the Capsule's "neat design, solid sound and access to streaming services". Its resolution of 854 x 480 pixels is par for the course when it comes to miniature projectors. A brightness of 100 lumens means you'll need a dimly-lit room. Not perfect but it's the best mini around.View Deal

BenQ W1720 4K projector £1098 £899 at Richer Sounds
Want a 4K projector without the hefty price tag? This could be the one for you. This BenQ delivers a sharp, crisp picture, with impressive upscaling, and all from a small footprint. It's a great deal with this large chunk of change lopped off.View Deal

Optoma UHD30 4K projector £999 £949 at PRC Direct
Not one we've tested but this is Optoma's current entry-level 4K projector. It supports HDR and includes the low lag and high frame rate gaming features of the UHD42 below.View Deal

Optoma UHD42 4K projector £1299 £1099 at PRC Direct
This is a very decent budget 4K projector with some good HDR pop and some of the best black depth you'll find in this price bracket and beyond. It features a powered USB socket and high frame rate HDMI certification for gamers to enjoy.View Deal

Optoma UHL55 4K projector £1450 £1200 at Amazon
This isn't a model we've reviewed, so can't vouch for its overall quality but Optoma has a good track record of making very impressive projectors in this range. More to the point, 4K projectors are hard to find at this price, particularly ones which you can voice control.View Deal

Product of the Year

Epson EH-TW7100 4K HDR projector £1699 £1599 Richer Sounds
It may seem pricey for what is an entry level 4K product but this projector is a real gem. The black depth is very decent for this kind of money, the colours are bold and balanced, and the HDR production brings an excellent sense of immersion.View Deal

Epson EH-TW7400 4K projector £2199 £1999 at Currys
The 4K might not be native but this projector's enhancement technology and HDR offering does a very good job. It's sharp, colourful, dynamic and, with £200 knocked off, a hell of a lot cheaper than an actual native 4K projector.View Deal


Epson EH-TW9400 4K projector £2549 £2499 at Sevenoaks
This is one of the very best projectors you can buy before making the huge financial step up to the native 4K bracket. It still offers plenty of pixel-shifted 4K detail and a vibrant colour palette. For a truly deep, inviting, big screen experience it's a winner at any price.View Deal

Optoma UHD65 4K HDR projector £2749 £2499 at Richer Sounds
The next jump in performance from Optoma is this Award-winner.It may not have all the bells and whistles of a high-end, native 4K projector, but it is future-proof and should keep you happy for years. At this price, the Optoma UHD65 is the one to beat.View Deal

Optoma UHZ65 4K laser projector £4999 £3199 at Richer Sounds
We liked this laser projector but the price was a problem. Now down to a sensible point it's a great option. It offers the kind of big brightness and flexibility that makes it an excellent choice as a TV replacer for the living room. Just add a media streamer.View Deal


Sony VPL-VW270ES 4K projector £4999 £4990 at Sevenoaks
A tiny discount but anything you can get off what is one of the best projectors out there is well worth jumping at. This native 4K model offers an incredibly immersive picture with a brilliant sense of depth and insight, and some of the smoothest action around.View Deal

Sony VPL-VW550ES 4K projector £9990 £7031 at Amazon
This native 4K projector is part of Sony's excellent SXRD range and was the step-up model from the one above until replaced in 2020. It's still a killer machine with brilliant contrast, excellent colours and a very healthy black depth for this price - a superb discount here.View Deal

Save £4000

Sony VPL-VW760ES 4K projector £14,999 £10,999 at AVOnline
This ex-demo native 4K laser source projector is available at a song, largely because it has just been superseded by a 2020 model. It's not one we've reviewed but the Sony SXRD projectors are a very solid bet. Expect excellent contrast, colours and black levels.View Deal