Best music streamer deals


Ripped your CD collection to a hard drive? Enjoy accessing your music from a service like Spotify? Like beaming over Bluetooth? Well, then - a music streamer seems the most logical piece of kit to have in your system. We've tracked down a handful of deals on some of our favourite music streamers... 

The best music streamer deals right now

Pioneer N-30AE

A competent music streamer in many ways, and now available at half price.

Onkyo TX-8250

An entertaining do-it-all streaming system. A thorough set of specifications, stable control app and a clear, lively sound, make for a fine wireless option.

Denon DRA-100

An interesting all-in-one with a neat design and an enjoyable, open sound. It's easy to use, has a host of connection options, and can play wirelessly in a variety of ways, from Bluetooth and AirPlay to internet radio and Spotify Connect.