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Yes, it boosts the sonic output of your TV, but at too high a price
sounds better than your TV
wireless sub
You possibly already own something that will do the job better
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We've tested a number of soundbar speaker systems over the years, including models from Yamaha and Polk.

The products are designed to fit snugly beneath a flatscreen TV, and provide either a basic sound boost (this one), or some form of virtual surround by bouncing sound around you room (Yamaha).

It seems Boston Acoustic's TVee is handicapped from the off by only being a 2.1 system. It's an interesting concept, certainly, but a tough one to sell to people who already own a hi-fi to which they can connect their new TV in order to boost the sound. Still, that wouldn't be a neat soundbar like this, would it?

We shouldn't forget the TVee's trump card, which is a wireless subwoofer that you can place out of sight – a good thing, because it looks like an upturned mop bucket that you might buy in B&Q.

Remote-less operationThere's no remote control, either, but the TVee can learn the volume commands from another remote. Great, but if you use your TV's wand it also adjusts the set's volume, so you'll have to use your DVD player's remote (most of which do have unused volume controls), which is only really handy of you're watching a movie, not catching up on the football.

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Sonically, the Boston system sounds considerably better than any flatscreen television we've heard. There's bags of volume on tap, and the output is great at locking the sound to the screen.

Sound is full and listenable, with good separation with The Simpsons Movie on DVD. It also never edges towards harsh, and the pug-ugly sub sounds better than it looks.

Needs a radical price cut At half the price, we'd understand the TVee, and even think about recommending it. But for this kind of money you can buy a very decent micro system to do the job (if you don't already own one). And for a 32in or even 37in TV its designed to partner, you're looking at 50 percent extra cash for a sonic leg-up.