Best TVs


This is the only guide you need. We've got everything, from budget to big-screen beauties, including a full spread of Full HD, 4K HDR, LCD and OLED options.

We've divided them up by price band, so you can jump straight to your budget and see which is the best TV for you. Happy viewing!

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Under £200

Philips 24PFT5231

A lot of small TVs treat sound as a bit of an afterthought, but not this Philips. This 24in set is ideal for a second room.


Bluetooth | 16W amplifier | 2 HDMI inputs

Reasons to Buy
Clear and solid above-par sound
Neat design
Reasons to Avoid
No smarts
Slight motion issues

Under £300

Samsung UE32M5500

If you want a second or third TV that's genuinely compact by modern standards and performs stoically, the M5500 will be hard to resist.


Full HD | LCD | 3 x HDMI

Reasons to Buy
Great UI with lots of apps
Balanced picture
Deep blacks
Good motion
Reasons to Avoid
Images lack some punch
Colour balance is on the warm side
No 4K or HDR

Under £500

Philips 50PUS6272

You'll struggle to find a picture this good on a TV this size at this budget price.


4K | HDR10, HLG | Ambilight

Reasons to Buy
Impressively punchy and dynamic picture quality for the price
Strong detail and definition
Good selection of apps
Reasons to Avoid
Looks dreadful out of the box and is a pain to calibrate
Fairly poor viewing angles
OS is a faff to use

Under £750

Philips 50PUS6703

A punchy, insightful and nuanced picture for the money. Whatever you're watching, this 50in set will do you proud.


4K HDR | Smart apps | Ambilight

Reasons to Buy
Popping, dynamic image
Great handling of detail
Good range of streaming and catch-up apps
Reasons to Avoid
Dull user interface
Amazon Prime Video isn’t HDR
Uninspired remote
Difficult to set up

Under £1000

Samsung QE49Q7F

Samsung has produced another quality QLED at a size that OLED doesn't touch. The QE49Q7F produces a punchy and vibrant picture that's tough to beat at this price.


4K | HDR10, HDR10+, HLG | QLED

Reasons to Buy
Punchy, bright and vibrant pictures - particularly in HDR
Fabulous detail and definition
Great operating system
Excellent for gaming
Broad selection of apps
Reasons to Avoid
Iffy viewing angles
Can be beaten for motion
Sony rival is cheaper and more subtle

Under £1500

Philips 55POS9002

This Philips OLED is one of the finest TVs currently available. HDR content looks sensational and it has the added appeal of Ambilight tech, which only enhances your enjoyment.


4K OLED | 4 HDMI inputs | Supports HDR10, HLG

Reasons to Buy
Stunning HDR performance
Ambilight is as lovely as ever
Decent sound
Nicely balanced delivery of non-4K content
Reasons to Avoid
Glaring app omissions
Some rivals offer greater nuance
Motion processing isn’t quite perfect

Under £2000


This LG is one of the most affordable 2018 OLED TVs you can buy and, we're pleased to say, one of the best. It produces a wonderfully realistic picture packed with detail and colour.


Dolby Vision | Dolby Atmos | ThinQ AI

Reasons to Buy
Rich, refined colour palette
'Lights-out' black levels
A benchmark user experience
Voice control support
Vast HDR format support - including Dolby Vision
Reasons to Avoid
More expensive 2018 LG models offer slight picture improvements
Peak brightness second to Samsung QLEDs

Under £3000


Among the best pound-for-pound OLED TVs we've ever encountered. This LG is nice to use and delivers a class-worrying picture, whether you're watching 4K HDR or Full HD.


4K | HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision | OLED

Reasons to Buy
Brighter, punchier and sharper than last year’s models
Fantastically natural images
Amazing upscaling
Loads of apps
Stylish design
Reasons to Avoid
Motion processing could be better
Setting menus are confusing
Mediocre sound for the money

Under £5000

Samsung QE65Q9FN

There's no shortage of reasons to buy the QE65Q9FN, from the stunningly bright and punchy picture to the excellent user interface. It's a significant step for QLED, and one that should make OLED at least a bit nervous.


4K | HDR10, HLG | Direct LED backlight

Reasons to Buy
Astonishingly punchy, bright and vibrant images
Deep, detailed blacks
Loads of apps and features
Genius evolution of OneConnect
Strong handling of motion
Reasons to Avoid
Sony does even better motion
OLED offers even deeper blacks and better viewing angles