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UPDATE: Spotify search comes to Onkyo's new network receivers

Onkyo Spotify

Update 10.08.11

Onkyo has added a search function to its Spotify Net audio app, available on its 2011 networked AV receiver range.

All users have to do is punch in a song, artist or album title via a connected TV, select and listen.

Anything you hear that you like can be 'starred' and added to the 'starred' playlist.

And when you listen to Spotify Premium on your iPhone or Android smartphone, your playlists will be instantly updated.

Owners of compatible 2011 Onkyo home cinema receivers – the TX-NR609, TX-NR709 and TX-NR809 – can download the new firmware here.

Published 29.03.11

Spotify and Onkyo have joined forces to bring the music streaming service to the Japanese company's £500 TX-NR609 multichannel receiver.

Onkyo says it will introduce other networked Spotify-ready products "in the near future".

You'll need Spotify Premium, at £10 a month, and an internet connection in order to access Spotify through your receiver.

The service can be operated on any TV, with access to your own playlists and starred tracks, as well as the ability to browse artists, albums and tracks.

It's expected Spotify will come to more of Onkyo's 2011 network receivers, but they need to be licensed first.

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