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Toshiba set to post record losses, sell TV manufacturing plant

The company is still coming to terms with the fallout from the recent $1.2 billion accounting scandal, where it was revealed the company had overstated profits over a seven year period.

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As part of a number of recently announced restructuring measures, Toshiba is set to slash its workforce with 6,800 jobs due to go across its consumer electronics division. The company will also sell its Indonesian TV manufacturing plant and instead, shift its attention to semiconductors and nuclear energy.

Speaking at a press conference to outline the company's plans, Masashi Muromachi, President of Toshiba, said it was time to "focus on businesses that can generate a profit and consider withdrawls from unprofitable ones if a turnaround is difficult."

Whether this means we've reviewed our last Toshiba-branded TV remains to be seen but all should be made clear in the coming months.

Toshiba isn't the first Japanese manufacture to go through the mill in recent months, with Sony and Sharp both experiencing significant restructuring.

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