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Sony to axe multiple PS4 models, according to Japanese retailer

Sony to axe multiple PS4 models, according to Japanese retailer
(Image credit: Future)

Sony is calling time on PS4 production, according to one retailer in Japan. As spotted by one Twitter user, five PS4 models will no longer be stocked due to "the manufacturer ending production", reads a sign in the shop. The news was first reported by VGC.

The models in question are: PS4 500GB Glacier White; PS4 1TB Jet Black; PS4 1TB Glacier White; PS4 2TB Jet Black; and PS4 Pro 1TB Glacier White.

Last month, Sony's PlayStation Direct store said it would no longer sell PS4 Pro consoles, fuelling rumours that the model would be discontinued. The store posted a message saying that the PS4 Pro would not be restocked, prompting numerous media outlets to report that the console had been discontinued. It soon took down the message, though at time of writing the PS4 Pro remains unavailable to buy.

Sony is yet to make an official announcement, and no other retailers have suggested production has ended.

Previously, Sony has said it plans to support the PS4 with software for years to come. However, it has also claimed it wants to transition players to the next-gen PS5 at an unprecedented scale, which could well mean phasing out the PS4 entirely. In which case, maybe it's time to find a PS4 deal while there's still time.


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