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Sonos Cyber Monday deals: save up to $200 on Sonos speakers

Sonos Cyber Monday deals: save up to $200 on Sonos speakers
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As the Black Friday deals morph into Cyber Monday deals, we're happy to report that the Sonos deals are only getting better, with fresh drops across some Sonos products.  

You can now get the cheapest prices we've seen on Sonos Play:1 speakers, the Sonos Beam and the Sonos Playbar and Playbase TV speakers.

Sonos Beam (Black) $399 $299 at Amazon
When reviewing this smart-speaker/soundbar with HDMI ARC (to support your TV's sound), we exclaimed, "given the Beam’s dimensions, the width and spaciousness of the soundstage are astonishing." And we could say the same of this deal – most fast if you want to get better sound from your TV. 
Get it in white for $319.View Deal

Sonos Play:1 $179 $149 at Best Buy
You can save on the Play:1 thanks to the Best Buy Black Friday sales, where it's down to $149, a saving of $30.View Deal

Sonos Playbase soundbase $699 $559 at Amazon
The Playbase is simple, stylish and will beat the sound from most TVs hands down. Connect it to a multi-room system and even add it to a full 5.1 setup. And now you can save 20%. View Deal

Sonos Playbar soundbar $699 $559 at Walmart
Save on the original Sonos soundbar in the Black Friday sales, it's now down to just $559, a huge saving.View Deal

Sonos Playbar + Sub $1398 $1118 at Sonos US
Boost the bass performance of the Playbar by partnering it with a wireless sub. $200 off now at Sonos.View Deal

While the new Sonos One isn't on sale (...yet), the Sonos Play:1 is. You don't get voice control, but you do get everything that has made Sonos speakers so recommendable over the years – multi-room support, a vast selection of music apps and seamless app control. Desperately want voice control? The Sonos One is currently holding at $199, which is still a great price for this best-in-class smart speaker.

Looking to expand, or even start, your Sonos system with a TV speaker? The new Beam and bigger Playbar and Playbase are all nicely discounted. 

Pop the Beam under your telly and it'll add brilliant, Sonos-grade audio quality to your home cinema set-up, as well as voice control. For a bigger, more room-filling sound (but no voice control), go with the Playbar or Playbase. The former goes in front of your telly, while the latter goes underneath it.

Want room-shaking bass? Add the Sonos Sub for the ultimate Sonos home cinema experience.