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Samsung partakes in Europe's first 8K broadcast demo

Samsung partakes in Europe's first 8K broadcast demo

Samsung has collaborated with satellite and communication firm SES and video codec company Spin Digital to demo Europe’s first 8K satellite transmission direct to a TV's internal decoder.

An 82in Samsung Q950RB QLED was the set that got the honours at the satellite-focused SES Showcase event in Luxembourg. The 7680 x 4320-pixel, 50fps footage was encoded by Spin Digital, fired over at 70 Mbps and displayed on the 4000-nit, HDR-enabled panel.

Those specs meet what SES describes as broadcast-grade quality and were beamed to Samsung’s flagship 2019 QLED via the Astra satellite system. The fact that it didn't require a set-top box of any kind opens the door to possibilities for both TV manufacturers and satellite broadcasters when it comes to subscription models and optional extras.

While most networks are still trying to get their 4K broadcasts off the ground, the vision from SES and Samsung is towards a future where larger TV sets become integrated into fabric our homes, and as panels get bigger pixel density will need to increase to keep the picture sharp.

“It will be years before large 8K flat screens or video walls become a common sight in our living rooms,” said vice president of New Technology & Standards at SES Video, Thomas Wrede.

“Nonetheless, we are anticipating the future by working with our industry partners to further improve the consumer’s video quality experience and to define an 8K satellite broadcasting standard.”


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