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Orange Film To Go offers an iTunes film rental every Thursday

Orange has launched Film To Go, giving Orange customers access to a (nearly) free film download from iTunes every Thursday.

The iTunes film rental is free but you will be charged 35p for receiving the verification code required to access the film.

You will need to request the code and download the film via iTunes on Thursday but you then have up to 30 days to watch the film and 48 hours once you start playback.

The film is chosen by Orange every week – today it's The Wrestler, next week is The Ghost.

There's a free Orange Film To Go app, too, allowing you to get your code and download your film all via your phone.

The film can also be downloaded and viewed via a PC or Mac, as well as an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

Orange Film To Go will work alongside the long-running Orange Wednesdays 2-for-1 film offer, which continues to offer free cinema tickets for Orange customers.

To read all about it and find out more head to the Orange Film To Go website.

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