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Musaic high-res wireless multi-room system gets Spotify Connect

Company CEO Matthew Bramble says: "We are extremely excited to be able to offer Spotify Connect on Musaic. With Spotify's unparalleled ease of use and Musaic's audio quality we can offer our customers a simple and seamless way of playing their favourite music in the best possible sound quality all around the home."

The Musaic system uses wi-fi to transmit sound between multiple Musaic Players, which incorporate the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques including a custom tuned version of High Definition Sound Expansion (HDSX) by Kronoton. The latter expands the listening 'sweet spot' around any room.

There are two speaker units in the line-up - the MP10 and MP5 Music Player - which are due on sale shortly, with the MPL Music Player (which enables Musaic playback from other components) to follow.

Musaic raised £60,000 through Kickstarter to help fund development of the system. It will come with free apps across most platforms, work with Bluetooth and wi-fi, and support a wide range of file types including 24-bit Studio Master files.

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